0.10.7 requires M1 chip in MacBook Pro?

I updated HAMRS on my devices tonight. I was mostly successful. I’ve got a Fire Tablet, iPhone SE, a PC, and an (older) macBook Pro.

When I went to the Apple App Store to update my MacBook, I got a message saying that 0.10.7 was not compatible with my device. Reading the specs, I see that the Mac requirements include a M1 chip. Mine has the intel.

Do I understand that while 0.10.4 runs just fine on my macBook Pro, I need an M1 chip to run version 0.10.7?

If that’s the case, this is only a small inconvenience, since the Fire Tablet is my main machine for activating, and the MacBook Pro is a back up,

But, dang…

So, if you have an M1 chip, you can install the iOS version of apps on your machine, and have it all go through the app store, since it’s similar architecture. You can download (for free!) the Intel version of HAMRS at https://www.hamrs.app (so, outside of the App Store)

I haven’t made the M1 jump myself, and code and build HAMRS on an Intel mac.

Jarrett, I recommend not doing this.

Besides the startup error message about /private/var/folders/ws/XXX that I will post here, the iOS version doesn’t fill the screen. So maybe it works OK and maybe it doesn’t, but it doesn’t fill the screen because it’s compiled for iOS devices. The Intel version downloadable from your website will work on all Macs with Apple M1 silicon. I am typing this on an M1 that I have been running Intel versions on for months.

Yeah, sorry, I should have been clear - you’ll have best experience on a Mac using the version provided on http://hamrs.app. Plus it’s free :wink:

Jarret or anyone…

I can’t download the update to my MacBook from the hamrs.app address. I’m still on 0.10.4. When I click on the macOS tab on the hamrs.app site, it goes no where. The page just reloads and remains the same.

If I click on the Apple App Store button, it takes me to the App Store, of course, which eventually tells me that my machine is incompatible without the M1 chip. (Mine, like yours, has the Intel clip.)

Am I missing something? Should I be using one of the other buttons?


HIKayaker, sorry for the basic questions but are you new to Mac?

Are you using Safari? Could your popup blocker be activated? I assume you’re clicking on the macOS button shown here. Have you tried a different browser that might have a more obvious blocked pop up warning? Google disable Safari popup blocker to get help with this.

Could it be downloading in the background and dozens of copies are in your /Downloads folder? Most (all?) browsers default to NOT asking where you would like to save the downloaded file. It downloads as a disk image, not a ready-to-run app. The disk folder (HAMRS-0.10.7.dmg) needs to be opened. the app needs to be dragged (moved/copied) to the /Applications folder, then the disk folder (HAMRS-0.10.7.dmg) should be closed/ejected.

macOS can be very unintuitive when coming from Windows.

Hope this info helps.


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Success!!! That was it. It was downloading in the background with many copies in the Downloads folder and no notice anywhere else. Thanks for the help.
No, I’m not new to Macs, just very awkward with them. I’m even worse with PCs. And I have both…
Again, many thanks.