ADI Export Bug after update

Hi Jarrett. It’s me again.

Running iPad Pro 14.4.2 and HAMRS 10.0.1.

Sometimes, not always, when I select Export to ADI I don’t get the pop up to select a recipient. This has happened now at least 3 times since you instructed to fully close then open the app to fully clear the bug. Closing and reopening does fix it, but not permanently.

It’s a minor inconvenience but I thought you should know the bug apparently has 9 lives.


Oops,I meant version 0.10.1

Thanks for the heads up. I have better instrumentation coming in 0.10.2 which is in beta right now that will give me more detailed error reporting, because right now it doesn’t look like any errors are thrown my way on this one. 0.10.2 will be out soon!

It seems to be a persistent bug. I’ve closed HAMRS (iPad) and started it again, and that fixes it… but only temporarily.

I’ve even deleted the app and reinstalled it… and re entered all the contacts. Had upload function work only once in about 8 tries