Adi from iPad to QRZ

Is there a way to send the log from the iPad to QRZ?
I would like to upload my log from my iPad to my account on QRZ.

Absolutely. Export the ADIF to your iPad’s file system and import it via the settings page for your logbook.

See attached screen shots.

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Thank you very much for that Kevin I will give that a try when I get home from work.
Also another question I have. My call is N3DL
I’m from Pennsylvania. I activated a park in South Dakota last week. I have been getting emails from folks who need South Dakota confirmed how do I go about doing that? When you put them into QRZ they come up as Pennsylvania.


Are they trying to confirm SD for POTA, or through another award program like ARRL?

If POTA, the other party will automatically be credited with SD when you send in your log to the POTA coordinator (

If ARRL, either send them a snail mail QSL card but indicate you were in SD, or (preferred) use Logbook of the World. With LoTW you will need to create a new location with TQSL that identifies the state, county, and grid square you were operating from. Then upload the log with TQSL with that location selected.

This is all probably outside the scope of HAMRS… feel free to email me if you need help on that. (See my QRZ page for my email address.)

Hope this helps!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the information. They were trying to confirm on QRZ. I will send a email and see if I can do it through a QSL CARD and see if that will work for them. If not I’ll send you a email and see if you can get me through the tqsl on lotw. Thanks for you help I really appreciate it!


Sound good.

If trying to confirm on QRZ, make sure the QSO entry reflects your operating location. I always go to the logbook settings on and change that info before uploading my QSOs, then change it back to my home QTH.

Ok that’s the step I’m missing then.