ADI to Cabrillo conversion for field day

I really like Hamrs for POTA, IOTA, etc. But using for any type of Contesting or Field Day events means I have to convert from ADI to Cabrillo.

Is there a way to quickly convert?


I love HAMRS…for POTA. But for numerous reasons–like its inability to read your frequency or control your rig–it would not be my choice as a contest logger. If you want to try to use it for that, though… You can always import the adif it creates into your normal logger–HRD, N1MM, N3FJP, whatever–and then export it from one of those as a Cabrillo file. There are also some barebones Cabrillo file creators, but I haven’t used any of them. My suggestion? If you are a contester, stick to N1MM.