Android v0.11.5 All Logs Gone

Just got back from a 3 day POTA activation. Spotty cell service so the last time I was able to export to google drive was yesterday. Got home and opened up the phone to try to export the 40 or so from today and the setup screen pops up. Thought that’s odd, so I closed it and noticed ALL of my logs are gone, including the QSOs from today. Is there any way to recover these via the file system?
Tried force closing the app and restarting the phone, no luck.

I don’t know if this happens on Android, but on Windows, it is possible to open a second instance of the app without realizing it. The first instance is where all the logs are and the second one opens with the “empty” setup screen. Close the second, revert to the first, and the original logs are still there.

Are you certain there are no instances of HAMRS still open? I assume not, since you force-closed and rebooted, but just wanted to confirm…

Forced closed and restarted just to be sure. No dice.