App won't let me sign in to pay

I downloaded on desktop computer. I’m trying to download on my Samsung Tab 6 tablet but it keeps telling me to sign in. It asks for password…which password? Email password? HAMRS password? Paypal password?
NONE of them work!! I tried it on my Samsung Note 20 phone and it worked and downloaded. There’s no sign in when I pull it up on the Tab 6.
Can I NOT use it on my Tab 6 since I’ve put it on my phone? Do I have to buy it again somehow? If that’s the case I’m gonna be seriously pissed off.
Anyone know what the deal is here??

I’m not an Android guy, but I would guess you simply need to sign into the Google Play store on your tablet and download the app. I think Android / the Google Play store act a lot like iOS — once you purchase the app, you can install it on other mobile devices associated with your Google Play account.

Have you ever used the Google Play store before on more than one device? If not, there are lots of links on the web explaining how to do this.

It’s not a HAMRS issue. HAMRS doesn’t use a password.

There’s no place to sign in, only an option to click the $4.99 buy tab. I’m pretty sure I just wasted $5 doing this via my phone.
I don’t do apps as they never seem to work. Looks like this is another example. Thanks for the guidance though

Did you go through the settings on your Tab 6 per these instructions?

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Hat tip and a cold brew to ya KZ3L. I followed the link and directions you shared, and it solved my issue. I now have the app on my Tab 6 as well.
I am humbly grateful for your help.

Awesome! Welcome to the “club” of HAMRS users. :smiley:

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