Behavior of time field entry

Based upon reports of lost QSOs, I have continued to use paper logs in the field. Post activation, I transcribe those using HAMRS, and I haven’t lost anything yet. I did struggle with the mapping feature not working as expected, but eventually realized that the symptom was related to missing grid data, and have just made it a habit to check the status of that field when saving. I change the lookup source and backfill each record as necessary. However, I am becoming very frustrated with a different issue, related to time…

I’ve noticed that as I check my hunter log at that the times logged by the activator do not come close to matching the times I’ve marked in my own (offline) log. I suspect that this has caused multiple P2P QSOs to be unrecognized by

When I was transcribing my own log for an activation yesterday, I noted that several of the entries were ignoring my input in the time field. It appeared that the application didn’t like to wait for me to type in 4 digits (looking back and forth at my paper log) and simply used the current time as default, and ignored additional input until I hit the tab key. Once I discovered that this behavior was repeatable, I double-checked my log when completely transcribed, and manually edited and resaved each record with an incorrect time. I then submitted my log.

This morning, I checked the adif file using notepad, and found several records which STILL had an incorrect time.


I’m not a fan of the use of current time as a default. This reduces the value of the app as a tool for transcribing paper logs, which is otherwise very helpful. Let me use the “current time” button as necessary, and don’t try to anticipate what I am going to type.


Is the “pause time” button not working properly for you?

Assuming you are using v. 0.11.6, and upgraded from an earlier version, you may need to force-close the app and restart it to get the “pause time” button to work properly.

In an apparent display of ignorance, I ask: What is the “pause time” button?

Please read the linked thread above and look at the pictures embedded in the thread. It should be pretty clear once you see the screen shots.

I agree with the poster in the referenced thread. The use of that button is not intuitive. I’ll answer the question you posed there. To the right of the label “Time”, I would put a pair of radio buttons: “Live” and “Manual”.

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