Bug Found - contacts lost

Today while activating a park I was using HAMRS to log.
On QSO #26, the hunter changed my signal report after I had saved the QSO to the log.
I went back to the QSO to edit it and change the signal report.
Saved the changes.
Back to the main logging screen to continue the activation.
Continued logging contacts as normal.
The application would look up the call sign, give me a name, a QTH, etc.
I would log the contact and save it.
After several contacts I realized that the QSO count was not increasing.
I tried to save a QSO with the activator I had on at the time 3 times and while the program would take the QSO the count did not increase and the QSO did not show up in the log.
Exited the log.
Created a new log.
Continued my activation without issue.

After returning home I exported both logs. The log that got jammed up at 26 QSOs was still at 26 QSOs.

The application prompted me to migrate the data when the upgrade to version 1.0.0 came out. I did. I also deleted all the logs I had on the application before starting the log that jammed up.

The problem can be replicated with the same steps taken above.
Log a QSO.
Save it.
Edit the QSO.
Save it.
Log another QSO.
Save it.
The QSO count does not increase and the QSO is not logged.

The environment:
iPad Pro 13 inch (NTJ02LL/A)
iOS 15.2.1
HAMRS version 1.0.0

Which template are you using? I was unable to replicate on the POTA template with the step that you provide (which was super helpful)

And just to be clear - you had upgraded and migrated to 1.0.0 prior to going out for you activation? i.e. you were using 1.0.0 during your Activation?

POTA template.

Upgrade to 1.0.0 and the logs on 1/29/2022.
Followed by deleting all the logs from the app (It was sluggish last time I used it after 200+ QSOs logged in one activation).
Made the new log named: KD9OLN@K-4192-20220129 (not sure if the name of the log has anything to do with it so I’m including it in the troubleshooting info).
Using the following settings:
Expanded Mode == OFF
Look up callsigns == ON
Notifications == ON
Lookup Provider == HamDB

It doesn’t look like you have a an active profile selected (‘My Callsign’ is blank) it shouldn’t keep your from saving QSOs but could you choose a profile from the profiles drop down and see if you can still replicate?

I just logged a test on the same log shown in the screen show above. It saved it without a “my callsign” filled in.

Went to the log that got hung up at 26 QSOs, logged another test for KD9OLN with the “my call sign” empty and still logged. Now that log has 27 QSOs. Very weird.

Created a new log to test with (I had already deleted my other test logs). Of course there is no longer any hangup after an edit to a signal report. I hate when gremlins do this.

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