Callsign disappears after typing it

I will be honest. It very well could be this laptop. Unfortunately I have had several callsigns disappear after typing them. I was using HamDB. I just changed it to and will try that tomorrow. I also was using a slow internet connection in this rv park. Would that cause HAMRS to bog down and clear out callsigns? I noticed this before when I was logging 2 and 3 callsigns a minute for about an hour straight. With this log now I am also over 400 and will be logging more until Saturday night. This laptop is an older Dell running Win 10 with 4gig of ram.


I am experiencing the same on my Ipad, if I pick up the pace, like you said 3 qso per minute, I frequently have to retype the callsign as it gets wiped out,
To clarify- I type in a callsign and complete the QSO, click save, then attempt to type in next callsign.

I think the after clicking save it wipes all fields and this instruction is still active whilst keying in next callsign,

but interestingly I also have quite a few previous logs kept in the app, so maybe all that data is slowing things down

also if I mistype a callsign and move cursor to add the correct prefix, after typing only one character it will move the cursor to the end of the callsign



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Ok. This is getting frustrating. Sorry. Is it when the qso file gets large it starts moving the cursor around, deleting the calls, etc? I’m over 500 qso’s now. I have one more day here so I will start another logbook and see if this still persists. Does this happen with slower computers? I hotspotted with my phone tonight so it is not slow internet. I did drop some calls tonight but not as much as last night. I had to slow down most times for it to catch up. I did learn not to start to retype if the characters did not appear. I typed it, a few seconds later it would show up. I did quickly save even before most of the signal reports because I did not want it to disappear again. The cursor was very sluggish. It took a few seconds most times for it to show up. I was also running Hamqth and found it to be slow in look ups. Went back to HamDB and it seemed to be faster.
Has anyone else found this behavior on older Windows boxes? I can’t revert to pencil because honestly I can’t write that fast for several hours at at time :slight_smile:
I love this software and really appreciate the developers work on it.

I suspect it’s slowing down because HAMRS attempts to see if there are dupes by looking through the log, and looks up the call sign through one of the services.

To my knowledge you can’t disable dupe check, but you can completely disable lookups and do those later.

Of course, the solution you suggested (starting a fresh log) could fix the delay if those issues are the cause. POTA allows you to combine multiple days into a single log for one park, but doesn’t require it. I always make separate logs for each day.

Hopefully your right on the dupes and lookups. I usually have to combine my FT8 anyway. I have a faster laptop at home. Just not really wanting to take it in the field though. This one I am using is pretty disposable. Works great on other programs so I do suspect the large file and slower computer. Thanks for the reply.