Callsign entry jumps to end

I see this has been an issue for a while but all the previous threads are closed automatically after 14 days with no comments so I am creating a new thread.

If you only catch the tail end of the call and type that in then move the cursor back to the start to get the prefix it jumps to the end of the call after each character typed. This causes errors and slows me down when I’m working quickly through a large pileup.

I first reported this bug almost a year ago and can’t believe it’s still there. I still can’t fully get into the app because of it. It really messes up my rhythm during a pileup.

PLEASE fix this bug!

This seems to happen only when entering non-symbolic characters. It might be associated with triggering another lookup for callsign/park databases? Rapid-fire entering park numbers for a simultaneous activation results in the unwanted “jump” after entering ‘K’, but not when entering ‘-’ in the parks field. I haven’t tried with ‘/’ in the callsign field since it hasn’t come up.

This happens to me also, running on Windows 10 laptop. Seems to happen in both the callsign field and the park field.

+1 on this bug. I’m seeing it in Ubuntu. Caused considerable grief until I realized what was happening. Now I ask for the partial and just type the complete call.

This is an ongoing uncorrected bug. Many fields suffer from it. I file a bug report on every version. It is my only complaint about this great program, but it is a big one. It must be a tuff one to fix, since it still remains. KB9JMU

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