Cant export log

Hey gang,

So i’ve been using hamrs for a year now and its been great, but lately i’ve run into an issue where i cant export my log adi files.

Usualy i export .adi to my email, and its always worked great. But the last 2 logs i’ve created when i try to export them to my email i get an error message that says “cant attach file”. I tried to export them to winrar and i get and winrar gives me an error message saying “no file selected”, if i try to export to text i get a message saying “cant attach. File not supported”, i tried exporting to samsung notes and i get an error measage “file corrupt or not supported”.

However if i go back to an old log file, i ca export it no problem. Its just the two most recent logs i’ve created.

Update: uninstalled then reinstalled and now it works

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