Comments vs. Notes

I just want to start by saying this app has worked flawlessly and Im so happy with how this works for me. I look forward to see what the future holds with this platform. Ive not had one issue while logging with the mobile or desktop version! Its simple and straightforward, the open dialogue with the architect of this program and those involved with details is something really unique to me at least im not familiar with the other platforms but havent had to since I only export my logs and call it quits…

My question is, what is the difference between comments and notes? or why are there 2 fields to write something about the qso?

With that in mind, when you look at qrz logbook it displays comments and then notes are within the individual qso. When you are logging a call within this program the primary field is notes.
In order to write comments you have to go back in and edit the qso to add comments.(after checking the notes are not imported in 3.0 on qrz.)

Can the fields be switched to allow similar displays?

Thanks again for all the work that goes into this, im in it for the long haul!


Welcome to HAMRS! I’m a big fan, too, and have used it for more than 55 activations now. It’s a great tool.

According to the ADIF specs:

  • “Comments” is a single-line string intended to log information of interest to the contacted station’s operator.

  • “Notes” is a multi-line field to document information of interest to the logging station’s operator (you).

In my experience, imports both, and it aligns Comments with the Comments field from the ADIF (and HAMRS), and aligns Notes with the Notes field from the ADIF (and HAMRS).

I think QRZ just doesn’t display the Notes in v. 3.0 of the logbook, but they are there–just switch back to v.2.0 to see them.

Thanks Kevin!

I appreciate you clearing that up for me. It just seemed odd to have both fields, I guess it makes more sense now.

Also, yes all the information is there. Unless I’m missing something on the surface with how the “list view” is displayed on qrz, I only see comments unless you select that qso to view the notes.

For example, I had a qso a few days ago and logged it with HAMRS. I used the note field to write something down. Today I went back to look for it on qrz and I remembered the note I had written but not the callsign. I should have gone back to hamrs for the contact but needed to confirm it was imported. So i clicked through a dozen or more contacts to read what was in the notes til I found it.

I’m not sure in which update it occurred but both fields were on the new contact page without having to edit the contact after it was saved. Or in the expanded view I don’t recall.

Not trying to be finicky, if I am sorry.


Glad you got this sorted out!

From what I can tell, you can customize the list view in QRZ Logbook 3.0 by editing the display settings, and scrolling down and checking the Notes field. But you need to be a premium subscriber to do this. (I am not.)


Wow ha alright. Sorry for the long winded remarks for such a simple thing. I could’ve swore I checked that tab.
Thanks again!

No apologies needed! If you had this question, no doubt others do as well… and I kind of enjoy digging into these things. :slight_smile: