Contact cannot be saved, profile erased

Using 1.0.6 on an Android 11 RKQ1.200826.002

I was using a log set up for POTA late in the day, having used it at the start of the day earlier on with no problems, or lag. I noticed on starting the app for the second log of the day that it took about 10 seconds to open where it is usually instant. I had already exported the first log of the day (and all the previous ones, I think there were about 10 saved still). However my second log seems to have been lost in a crash, along with my profile.

After a few dozen contacts I got an error that a contact could not be saved. I could not export the adif (to Gmail) when I thought it would be a good idea to capture the log as it was at that point.

I closed and reopened the app and was presented with the screen as if I had just installed the app - “That’s a lot of space” etc and on checking my profile in “manage profile” it had disappeared.

My phone has been rebooted since and that has not restored anything. I notice that the app is now quite a bit slower to start than previously.

Is there a way to recover the “lost” log and profile information?

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