Contact Not Saving; Requires Restart of HAMRS

Hi, I’m running HAMRS version 1.0.5 on a MacBook (OS 12.2.1 Monterey).

Over the past several days, I encountered a situation where a QSO will not save. My only choice is to quit HAMRS and re-open it. Once I do that, I can re-enter the QSO details and save normally.

I do not believe I encountered this situation before upgrading to HAMRS 1.0.5.

It does not seem to happen if the only thing I’m doing is entering and logging QSOs. The bug seems to be triggered if I try to do something else (such use the search box to look up a callsign I’ve previously logged), or if I look at the spots tab or the map tab). The program itself does not freeze - I can tab around the different fields and enter info like frequency or callsign or park number. It just won’t save the QSO unless I close the program and restart it.

I know that others have posted on this topic a while back, but the thread is closed so I opened a new one to provide my OS details.


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