Correcting incorrect POTA park ID

Hi, yesterday I activated a park and in my setup on HAMRS (web version), I made a typo in my Park ID. I logged all my contacts and then extracted the ADI file. I gave the ADI file a quick look using notepad and realized my mistake. Several fields were populated with the wrong info (my state, my grid square, etc). I opened up the log file and corrected my park ID and then redid the extract to ADI. There was no change to the extracted data. I tried again and same results.

I then copied the log file and was able to successfully change the Park ID but the park related info did not change in there extracted ADI file (e.g. my state, my grid square). I ended up just doing a search and replace with notepad to correct the ADI file.

If I make a mistake with the Park ID, is there any way to correct it in the app or do I just have to do it in the extracted ADI before sending my log into POTA?



If I interpreted your description correctly, it appeared you were anticipating the edit would be 2-way. Just to be clear, when you edit the extracted ADI, those changes are not pulled back into HAMRS.

You can change your park number (and other data as needed) from within HAMRS, but at the moment there is no bulk editing feature. You will need to edit each and every QSO individually.

This has happened to me, too, and I usually just open ADIF Master on my Windows PC and make the changes there. HAMRS is my field log so for me there is no benefit to correcting the data in HAMRS at that stage of my log processing.

Hope this helps!

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