Cumbersome callsign entry

Just downloaded HAMRS , created a new log to play. Entering a callsign seems cumbersome. Don’t like having to switch back and forth from entering numbers and letters. Am I missing something?

Since call signs are composed of numbers and letters, what are you suggesting? You clearly need to enter both. :wink:

What platform are you using? How would you normally enter a combination of numbers and letters into your device?

I often use an external keyboard for my iPad, but with the on-screen keyboard I swipe down on the key or hold-press the number shift key and it works well.

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Learned something new, thanks

Are you using an iPad?

Yes, using an IPad!!!

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Bluetooth keypads aren’t expensive, Mine is both a keypad and a protective case.

Perhaps you’d like to look for one that has 4 rows of keys. The top row is numbers.

FWIW, HAMRS automatically enters letters as caps, without needing to press the shift key. Numbers are entered as numbers, not symbols.

Good luck. Enjoy.

Download the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard. It has the numbers on the top row. No shifting, swiping or anything like that. I did get an external keyboard and it works much better.

Have fun.