Data usage when online?

Just curious, does anyone happen to know what the data usage is when online (in kilobytes, megabytes, etc…)

I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth getting mobile hotspot on my cell phone so I can use my tablet when activating, or wait until hopefully there’s an ability to lookup contacts and do all the other “online” stuff after the fact.


As I understand it is simply limited to lookups of callsign info.

You could try hotspotting your phone. That would probably offer plenty of data for e needs. If you have an iPhone, under cellular/cellular data you can keep tract of how much data a device paired off your hotspot uses.


Yah, no iPhone, and I don’t have any mobile hotspot data unless I pay for it.

Probably just wait in hopes we can update that information after the activation.


The app will also query for POTA activations via the POTA Spots page. And, it will pop up if you’ve been spotted. I don’t know how often it checks for this info.

It will also lookup park info if you enter a park-to-park.

Given the amount of data it looks up, it wouldn’t take much of a data plan.

I would suggest playing with it at home and seeing if you find it useful. Then decide if you want to drop the coin on a mobile hotspot. Any smart phone will also do, not just the iPhone. It’s likely be cheaper to do that as a hotspot will be another “line” and cost a bit more than adding hotspot capability to an existing smartphone.


Sounds like you’d have to activate a lot to really put a dent into your data usage, if it’s even possible.