Differences between Intel Mac and M1

Here are some behavior differences between the Intel and M1 Mac Versions.
(M1 app downloaded from the App Store and Intel downloaded from the web site.)

  1. Intel - Screen adjusts to full screen as expected on startup and M1 doesn’t.
  2. M1 has a type of edit window that contains what looks like undo and copy icons at the bottom of the screen unexpectedly. Normal on Intel.
  3. When tabbing between fields, default values are highlighted to be edited if necessary on Intel. Cursor goes to end of the field on M1 with no highlight.
  4. Shift-tab reverses tab direction and highlights field as expected on Intel. Cursor disappears on M1.
  5. Tab highlights “Clear” and “Save” buttons on Intel. They are skipped on M! in the tab order.
  6. Date field is xx/xx/xxxx on Intel. xx-xx-xxxx on M1. Also month, day and year highlight individually on Intel. Cursor moves to end of year on tab on M1.
  7. Cannot adjust main window size on M1 by grabbing with lower right corner. Expected behavior on Intel
  8. Can export to .adi with choices in the menu on Intel. File system export on M1 non-functional.


Hi @griffeyt53,

The App Store version is the iOS version. i.e. It’s the iPhone/iPad version.

The Mac version that appears alongside the Windows, Ubuntu and Raspbian downloads on the https://www.hamrs.app/ page is the MacOS version. This is the one that you should be using. Delete the App Store version, download and install the MacOS version (drag to /Applications). You’ll receive a security error after attempting to open it, after which you can go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and approve the app. You only need to do this once, until you install a future update or the app is signed.

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