Doubling the QSOs with a P2P

When a QSO gets logged who is at another park, so we have a Park to Park, HAMRS logs 2 separate QSOs. Is this normal and the way it should log?

HAMRS is designed to allow you to enter multiple parks into the “their park” field, separated by a comma. When these QSOs are saved, HAMRS generates one QSO entry for each park, which is the way POTA expects to see the entries.

But if you only enter one park in the “their park” field, such as “K-1940”, only one QSO should be logged.

Is your HAMRS version creating multiple entries with only one park entry?

Yes…… entering 1 P2P it logs 2 QSOs.

Are you entering the park number as K-####, for example K-1940, or are you using a space between the country prefix and the number? The latter is incorrect and will create two log entries (one for the K and the other for the number portion of the park).