Duplication of Callsign being typed

Hello all .

I placed this into the bug category because I believe that it might be something that’s a problem with one of the latest updates.

However if this is incorrect I’m sorry for putting it into the wrong category.

The last four or five days of logging, I have been having this weird issue where near the every time I type in a call sign it duplicates the call sign after typing three letters.

Example: KC1 becomes kc1kc1

I run hammers on a OnePlus 9 pro which Android based.

I was thinking maybe it had something to do with after three letters it starts to look up a call sign and when it starts to look up the call sign it bugs out and somehow duplicates the call… But I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance

My buddy told me this has already been reported. My apologies for the dupe

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