DX Stations Being Recognized

Curious about DX stations receiving credit for hunting down activations. I notice that certain DX stations when logging in contacts don’t get a green checked circle but the circle remains blank. When I hit “Look up” the circle turns red. Is there a way to ensure these stations get the credit they deserve?


What do you mean by “credit”?

The green checkbox just means that HAMRS located the other op’s name and QTH info. It has nothing to do with credit for logging when you submit your log to POTA, LoTW, QRZ, etc.

So, when I upload to POTA the QSO is confirmed on both ends?

If you are an activator at a park and the other party is a hunter, yes, the hunter will get credit when you upload your log to POTA, regardless of whether or not HAMRS confirmed the call to be valid. Hunters do not submit logs to POTA.

If the other party is also at a park (e.g. the QSO is a park-to-park QSO), then the POTA system will match your contacts and award P2P credit to both of you if you both upload your logs.

HAMRS is helpful in that the call sign lookup feature will help you make sure the call is a valid call, but there are limitations. Some lookup databases don’t contain many non-U.S. call signs.

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Many thanks!!! You have been very helpful and your response clears up my concern.

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