Editing log on android note 8

Hi! When i try to edit a log on my Galaxy Note 8 i can’t find a sprocket on the right to click on. Am i missing something obvious? TKS. Dennis N4NR

Not the log name info … edit a QSO in an existing log …

I don’t have the same device, but have noticed on others you may have to drag the log to the left to see the sprocket, or rotate your screen into landscape mode. Does that work for you?

Thanks for the suggestion. No, that does not work for me. Rotating the screen allows me to see all of each individual QSO’s info but the sprocket is not shown. I also can’t see the sprocket by dragging the QSO to the left. When I look at my log list, the sprocket does appear on the far right of each log and I can select it to modify the log name. I can also see the sprocket for each QSO in the Windows app and can modify the log entry. - Dennis N4NR -

Hmmm… it sounds like a bug. I recategorized this thread accordingly for @jarrett to consider.

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Dennis - N4NR

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