Error received from POTA

POTA said my ADIF generated the following error:

The following errors prevent the uploading of the logfile:

The number of CW qsos is unknown
The number of DATA qsos is unknown
The number of PHONE qsos is unknown

This error results from invalid (empty) ADIF fields(insert code to auto-fix)

The logfile looks like all the others I have generated but I am missing something. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Ed K5YZW

I just looked at a recent activation adi file and there’s no count in it.

Is it possible somehow the mode (SSB, CW, data) didn’t get populated so that field is blank in the file?

It might help if we could see the file if you’re ok with that.

I’d be willing to examine your ADI file. Can you email it to me? Use my call sign @

Thanks Kevin. I sent you the file. I appreciate it.


You bet.

I looked at it and found a missing field entry that would cause it to be rejected. See email response.

This could be an opportunity for a future feature addition: have HAMRS scrub the log for errors. If any required POTA fields are missing, it would flag them for you.

Thanks for looking at the file, Kevin. Great idea for a HAMRS file check.

Unfortunately I did not receive your email detailing the problem Could you send again to my personal email? Also, I have no problem with you posting the missing field entry.



@K5YZW Hmmm. Not sure why it didn’t make it through.

In one QSO log entry (W6LEN) the band field is blank. It should be “20m”.

If any required fields are missing, the POTA uploader will reject the log.

I think that was your first QSO of the activation, so I suspect you entered the band after you saved the first entry and it remembered it during the remaining QSOs.

To fix it, just edit the QSO entry from within HAMRS and you should be good to go.

@K5YZW I would encourage you to download a copy of ADIF Master to check your logs before sending them in, at least until you are confident everything is running smoothly:

You would just send the ADIF to yourself and open it with ADIF Master on a Windows PC.

Note that you can also open the ADIF with a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad on Windows) to look for missing fields.

One of my feature suggestions to @Jarrett was to allow a table-like preview of the ADIF from within HAMRS prior to exporting. I don’t know if or when that will be built into the app.

Kevin KZ3L