Export Filename

POTA has a standard filename format of CALL@PARK-YYYYMMDD.adi. When I try to export an adi file, there seems no mechanism to change the file name. It seems the fixed option is POTA.adi. I have to email it to myself, then save and rename the file for submission. Since all the data needed is in the log, it would seem reasonable that the program should generate a correct filename when exporting. At least there should be a way to name the file being exported. Am I missing something somewhere?

Michael WA7SKG

I just name the log CALL@PARK-YYYYMMDD when I create it in HAMRS.
73, Charlie

Aha. I didn’t realize the filename was the same as the logbook name. Makes it much easier. Thanks.

That’s how I do it, too. Create a new log for every activation—that makes it simple.

You name the file whatever you want, in this case the POTA format, when you ‘Export .ADI’ on the Logbooks section accessed by clicking on the gear icon.

In HAMRS I create a new logbook using the POTA syntax for each individual activation. Then it’s already named properly when I export it.