Exporting HAMRS logs


When I choose to export a HAMRS log from my MacBook, my only option is to save it as a file somewhere on my Mac.

When I export a log on my Fire Tablet, I have the following options…
Email, ES Note Editor, Save to ES, Send by LAN, Bluetooth, and Yahoo Mail

Why is an email export of the ADI file not an option for the Mac export? Could it be?

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I’ve noticed the same thing in Windows. It would be a nice feature to have.

However, I suspect most users still want to keep their ADIF somewhere on their computer so ultimately they will be saving it to a folder anyway.

Thanks for the reply.

I use my Fire Table for activations.

Afterward, I must export the log via email to my PC to edit on ADIF Master. (ADIF Master will not run on my FT nor on my Mac.)

Once I submit my logs to POTA. I save the file on my PC and email export it again to it save it on my Mac.

Once HAMRS allows files to be imported, I will also save my logs in my Mac version of HAMRS.

The individual log display format in HAMRS is much easier for me to review than the the one in ADIF. The various logs are entered chronologically and the individual logs are more spacious for the QSO entries than in ADIF. I find I need to review my QSOs from time to time, mostly to confirm and generate QSL cards for incoming requests.

Once HAMRS is able to import files, this process will be streamlined for me.