Exporting logbooks to POTA on my Mac

I have tried multiple times to export my ADI logbooks from HAMRS to the POTA logbook site but keep getting an error message and Safari can’t open the page. How do I fix this. I am still sending my logbooks to the regional coordinator.

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

You have provided very little detail as to what your problem is.
Are you logged into the pota.app website?
What webpage cannot be reached in Safari?
What exactly are you doing step by step to get the error?
Have you tried another browser like Chrome?
Have you checked your log file for errors? If you can run the log through something like Adifmaster on a Windows machine, that would verify your log.

Cheers…Dave VA3CP

Just to be clear, HAMRS does not export the log directly to the POTA web site. You have to export the ADI file first to a local drive, network drive, or Cloud storage drive (such as iCloud).

Then you would visit POTA.app to upload that file with their uploader.

I export my ADI file logbook from HAMRS to an Applications file on my Mac. Then I drag the logbook file from Applications to an email to my regional coordinator for uploading. This hasn’t changed and still works fine.
However, if I try to upload my HAMRS ADI file to the POTA upload site (and I am signed into the POTA site) the POTA upload site does not accept my logbook.
I know there are no errors in my logbook since the regional coordinator has no problem uploading the file I send to him.
Could this be a problem because I am using the Mac IOS system or am I simply doing doing something wrong? Any other Mac users out there that are able to upload logs from Macs to the new POTA system?


What is the error you receive from the POTA site?

Feel free to send one of your logs to me — I’d be glad to look at it to make sure nothing weird jumps out at me. Use the email address I’ve posted on QRZ.com.

If the log is fine, then recommend you reach out to the POTA help desk for assistance on uploading.

Logbook on the way.


Just looked at it – logbook appears to be perfect. So I don’t think the issue is on the HAMRS side of the equation.

Looks like your next step is to check with the POTA help desk. It may have something to do with your browser selection–but they should be able to help you with that.

Much appreciated for the advice and assistance.

I’ve used HAMRS on my Mac, iPhone and iPad without issue (I’m a former Apple trainer so I use Apple computers almost exclusively). I log on paper then enter the data into HAMRS. I double/triple check that my data is correct, then I export the file to a HAMRS Log folder I created in iCloud with the file name structured according to the POTA requirements e.g. CALLSIGN@Park-#-YYYYMMDD. Having them in iCloud means I can access them from any device. When I drag and drop the file into the upload file page, on my Mac, I get immediate confirmation that it’s ok.
One part of the process that I had not noticed until recently, on my account page on the POTA site, bottom right, is Groups, which shows that I have been added to the Upload Group, which gives permissions to self upload. Your regional POTA rep must grant you permission to upload I believe.
Check for this! See image of the My Account page.


I have a help request into POTA so I will see if they mention being added into the upload group.
Since you are an expert on Macs, would saving the HAMRS logbook in Applications be OK rather than saving it in the Cloud? I have used Applications when sending in an email to my regional coordinator and it works fine.


It doesn’t matter where the file is. The Applications folder, I suggest, isn’t a folder to be cluttered up with data files, and anything other than Applications on the Mac. That’s why I made a HAMRS Log folder in iCloud which means I can save to it from my iPhone in the field, and then use my Mac to upload to POTA later. I haven’t got to the point where I Log directly into HAMRS while doing a POTA though! I don’t pretend to be an expert Mac guy but know my way around the Mac OS/iOS from doing Apple training for 5 years previous to 2017. Things change, and I now often don’t know the answer to Apple questions but can almost always find the answer! Ask me anything! Hope you get this worked out.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thx all…I think I got it figured out. Will check for sure after next activation.


I typically clean up the log from my iPad or iPhone and once I select export to .adi, I choose the airdrop to Mac option. It is fast and clean and requires no extra steps.