File transfer into HAMRS

I saw on a topic in April that developer would make file transfers into HAMRS available. Is that in the works? I would like to take files from my phone app and transfer them to my computer HAMRS account.


This is my next big project! Still working out and testing how I want to tackle it, but I think I have a good roadmap.


Thank you Jarrett, this is huge. I log on three different devices. I’d love to be able to consolidate all my logs in one place :). Side note…. I can’t wait to use HAMRS on field day!

Something to be aware of for field day… put some thought into your workflow for converting the log to either the Cabrillo format or a dupe sheet. Those are the only two formats ARRL will accept when you submit your scores. HAMRS will export to an ADIF but you can’t submit that file to ARRL directly.

That means you will need to use an external tool to convert from ADIF to Cabrillo, or use something like ADIF Master to export your log to a spreadsheet and sort + group your list of contacts by band and mode into a dupe sheet.

Thanks Kevin, great thought. I used to have the same issue when I used to use SQUIRL to log on field day. It’s to bad this extra step is required but it’s pretty straightforward. There are also some easy online converters out there. It’s a shame ARRL doesn’t accept ADIF format for field day.
But, first things first, I actually have to get some entries in the log… lol :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree—with today’s advanced software ARRL should be able to accept an ADIF and run a script to filter and count. It shouldn’t be hard to do.

HAMRS is a great piece of software for all portable logging needs, including field day. Just wanted to make sure you knew of the extra requirement. I found Winter Field Day to be a bit harder due to the specific Cabrillo requirements imposed. It took me a while to write a spreadsheet to do that conversion for me. But Field Day should be easier.