Grids not populating

I have linked my account with QRZ and the user and passwords are good. I have selected my loop up provider as QRZ. However very few QSOs have the grid, even though their information is on the QRZ site. When I manually enter everyone’s grid the map then works. Any idea how to correct this issue? I am using on IOS platform.

For those looking into it, I have found a little more data. If I use “QRZ” as the lookup service then the grid does not populate. However, if I use “HamDB” then the grids do populate. The bad thing is that HamDB does not list the DX stations where QRZ does. It appears that the HAMRS app is not pulling the grids correctly from QRZ.

This is a very commonly reported problem.

For HAMRS to retrieve grid squares from QRZ, you must have a paid subscription to QRZ. Do you have one? If so then perhaps there is another issue.

And you are correct—the other lookup services are hit-or-miss for call signs outside of the U.S. and a handful of other countries.

KZ3L is correct. But, if you DO have a paid QRZ subscription, grids still may not populate. To force it to happen, you have to go to each entry in your log, click on the gear icon to the right of the log entry, and then click on lookup. That will populate the grid for each log entry from QRZ. I have only been using the Windows version of HAMRS recently, so what I say here may not apply to any other version of HAMRS.

HAMRS does retrieve grid squares from QRZ (if you have a paid subscription) and the grid squares do populate - but sometimes they randomly depopulate. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes as I’m hitting tab to move through fields on a QSO entry screen. I haven’t paid enough attention to be able to isolate exactly what triggers this … but I’ve seen the software receive the grid information and then suddenly have that field go blank even though the other operator’s callsign, name and QTH data remain.

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