HamDB.org service outage

Hey Friends,

I’m Jon, KK6NLW, the creator of HamDB.org

I figured I’d post here as I know there is a fair amount of HAMRS who use HamDB.org for callsign look up.

I wanted to let you know that HamDB.org is currently down due to emergency maintenance at the datacenter we host our server at. We’ve been told we’ll likely be down for 24-48 hours. For the latest information and future updates, please check out https://up.hamdb.org/status/hamdb

I was able to get HamDB.org back up for the moment. There might be some minor downtime in the next day or so but I suspect it will go rather quickly.

Thank you for posting this and keeping us informed.

Is HamDB fully back online now?

Appreciate all you do to keep this service available! Thank you!

Yup, we’re fully operational and haven’t had any further down time, nor expect anything coming up.

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