HAMRS App and My first Lost Log

First time I’ve run into an issue with a log. I activated a POTA in Texas and logged 127 QSO’s I save it like all the other ones and at least have an exported ADIF but the actual log in the app has now disappeared. Is there a solution?

Mike - K0FYR

@k0fyr Sorry to hear of this but glad you had exported your log before it disappeared!

Out of curiosity, what device and operating system were you using?

@Jarrett usually recommends exiting the app and rebooting. That sometimes brings back lost logs.

Using a new iPad Pro with iOS 15.0.1

And I have closed the app, turned the iPad off, and reopened the app a couple of times and no joy.

Mike (K0FYR)

@K0FYR I was hoping you would have reported using an older device with iOS 12.x or so. :frowning:

@K0FYR could you send me the log you exported?

Will do. Sent it to your QRZ email.

Mike (K0FYR)

No such luck this is new new.

Mike (K0FYR)

Wow. This is serious stuff.
The first job of a logging program is to not lose the freaking data.
I am a HAMRS enthusiast but this is killer.

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I agree Bob and after you and I have personally made contacts together before this could mean loss of all activation data as well as no proof of successful Park or Summit activation credit. Luckily I had already exported it which I tend to do once I finish an activation just to have a record to submit at all. I know Jarrett had asked for my exported log which I sent him but not sure if he can troubleshoot the problem from that or if he was just rebuilding it in the app.

K0FYR Ham-Solo