HAMRS not running on 64bit Bullseye (not Beta) after installing from Build-a-Pi

While running tests on the release version of 64bit Bullseye on my Raspberry Pi 4, I installed HAMRS through Build-a-Pi.

When I go to start it, nothing happens. Restarted the Pi and tried again. Still nothing, no error messages, no HAMRS shows up etc.

I checked my installation window after another install test, and it shows that HAMRS 1.0 is being downloaded, and it shows up in the menu.

I know that HAMRS v1.0 does work on Buster, and I have not tested on 32bit Bullseye yet.

Edited to add: I did install 32bit Bullseye and checked HAMRS on it. It does the same thing, sits, clocks and then nothing happens.

So there seems to be a problem with the way Bullseye is treating HAMRS.

I did check v1.0.1 on 64bit Bullseye and there is no change in behaviour. Still does not come up.

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