HAMRS to QRZ.com messes up the frequency

Hamrs has been working great for me so far. Except when I import the .adi into my QRZ.com logbook. It always translates the frequency by adding additional characters. For example, on HAMRS it’ll be 14.328. When imported into QRZ.com the Frequency field will read 14328.000. I have to edit each QSO’s frequency in order for the other fields to correctly populate.

Is there something within HAMRS that I should modify? Or, is it within QRZ?

Thanks in advance!!


I do this all the time and don’t have any problems with frequencies getting imported correctly. HAMRS wants frequency in MHz and it exports it the same. So if you consistently entered 14.328 into HAMRS, the ADI frequency field would be exported identically. This is the ADIF standard.

A couple of questions for you:

  1. Are you importing the HAMRS ADI file directly into QRZ.com, or are you passing through another logging app first? If the latter, there may be some settings in that app you need to change.

  2. Is it possible your International settings in QRZ.com are set incorrectly? (In some countries commas are used in place of decimals, and decimals in place of commas.) Full transparency: I don’t know if QRZ.com allows changes to this setting… so this suggestion could lead nowhere…

I’d be glad to look at your ADI file if you want to send it to me. My email address is posted in my QRZ.com profile.


This problem has been resolved!

I was not including the decimal in the frequency field within HAMRS. QRZ translated the omission of the decimal point by adding additional characters. Once I added the decimal to the frequency within HAMRS and uploaded the .adi file to QRZ, all was well once again.

Many thanks to Kevin, KZ3L, for figuring this out. I emailed him my log and he quickly figured out what I did incorrectly.

Now I’m back to fully enjoying the HAMRS app.

73 all!


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