How do I get call signs to populate for QRZ?

This question may already exist, but I could not find it. How to I get call signs to populate during an activation from QRZ? It seems that HamDB works fine, but nothing happens I select QRZ. I have a subscription to QRZ if that matters.

Thank you.

@K4NYM Good morning, Bill.

Did you enter your login credentials for QRZ in your Profile settings? If so, call sign data (name, QTH, grid square) should populate for you.

If it isn’t happening, it’s possible QRZ was temporarily inaccessible at the time due to a web site glitch. You can look up a call sign after-the-fact by pressing the gear symbol to the right of an individual QSO and selecting “Lookup.”

Or perhaps there is another issue/bug that hasn’t yet been captured.

What device and operating system are you using?

Added: Please make sure you are using the latest HAMRS release (0.11.5). Someone responded to your Facebook question pointing you toward a much older release for the Windows version (0.10.0). Don’t use that one!

Make sure check mark appears next to QRZ credentials - auto after correct id/password is entered


Turn on LOOKUP CALLSIGNS in Settings.