How to log as a club and my call sign

When using a club call sign will it also log my call sign ?

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Welp… I don’t know. lol I’m a new ham so I’m not sure what you’re asking. You tell ME what it should do for this case. I’ve never done this before :slight_smile: How does that get represented in say the ADIF file? I’d love to support this, but this where I have to lean heavy on you guys who’ve been hams for a while to tell me what you need, there’s just a lot that’s new to me.

The club call sign is stored in the “STATION_CALLSIGN” field. The activator’s call sign, if different, should be placed in the “OPERATOR” field.

So Jarrett, you would need to just add an Operator field to the panel on the right-hand side and export it accordingly.

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Got it! Doable for sure. I’ll get a ticket made and put in my backlog. Thanks so much for helping me through that! I appreciate it a ton.