How to transfer logs to another computer


Just got a new laptop and wondering how to properly transfer my HamRS logs to the new machine.


Jarod Eells

There may be a way to do this via the Windows file system, but HAMRS currently doesn’t officially support exporting from one HAMRS device and importing into another. This is a feature several of us have requested, primarily as a means to safeguard against data loss.

Poking around in the file system, I was able to locate some database files in user/AppData/Roaming/hamrs/databases that appear to update when I make an entry into the log. I don’t know what other files get updated when you save a profile or edit a database.

It may be possible to simply copy the entire hamrs directory in the user/AppData/Roaming profile from one Windows PC to your new one, but you would assume any risk that goes along with doing this (including the possibility of future data loss if something gets corrupted). By the way, these files are hidden so you will need to change the View setting to see them.

If you try it please report back on how it goes. And most importantly, export your logbooks to ADI files and store them elsewhere before attempting any of this.

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So zip’ing up the hamrs directory and moving that doesn’t appear to work.
In my case, the program insisted on reinitializing by asking me for callsign, etc.
And no logbooks appear from the unzip.

EDIT: I also re-unzip’ed after initialization just to see if that would work but nothing showed up.

Jarod Eells

Well, it was at least worth the attempt…

Im not sure why you want to do this. Export them all and then into your real logging program. Hamrs is not really intended as a station log in my opinion. Once you use it for a portable operation they go elsewhere. No real need to keep them. W1ip