IOS or Android - Looking for a new device

I have been a dedicated paper logger, but on a few activations I have used my Android phone and it has worked well. Since my current iPad is failing, I am debating another iPad or switching to an Android tablet. Cost is not a factor. The other apps I use are available on both platforms. I am not wed to Apple’s ecosystem. So any input on which platform seems most stable for HAMRS? Or just a toss up. (I am not interested in a Kindle Fire). Thanks for any words of wisdom…W1ip

@w1ip From what I’ve seen here, there really isn’t much difference re: HAMRS performance between devices, as long as you are using a modern operating system on either one. Some older versions of iOS in an iPad (before Apple rebranded/retooled it as iPad OS) acted a little funny, but I think you’ll run into that with any older device and operating system.

Personally, I don’t have much exposure to Android. I switch between a 10.5” iPad Pro and an iPad Mini 6 and really enjoy using both of them. Battery life is great and they run fast enough to handle just about anything I would want. HAMRS looks good and works well on both devices. Note that an external keyboard is useful, especially for the Mini when operating in landscape mode. Otherwise the on-screen keyboard takes up too much screen real estate.

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