Is HAMRS development still ongoing?

HAMRS still being developed?

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I hope so. It’s a fine logger.

Wondering the same thing. Last update was in May. I haven’t observed any posts by the developer in quite some time.

I hope so as well. There’s a couple outstanding bugs I’d love to get fixed. Hopefully development will pick up soon.

  1. Call sign cursor jump to end when correcting a letter or two

  2. If you input anything into their “their park” box and then remove it, it won’t let you save the record. You need to input something, then go edit the record to remove it.

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I have been wondering the same thing. I have yet to find anything better out there. I, too, have noticed a few quirks (same ones that Dan noted), but it seems they could be resolved fairly easily.

nothing from the dev?

If not, maybe they could dump into github.

I reached out directly to the developer and he absolutely has plans to continue development on HAMRS. Life takes over sometimes so he hasn’t had the time to put into it lately.