Jumping Cursor Bug Still Exists in 1.0.4

Please move the Jumping Callsign Cursor Bug toward the top of the list. Very annoying and it introduces errors. Thanks!

Please Please Please fix this bug. It is a deal breaker for me.

I need the ability to log a suffix first, then go to the beginning of the field and enter text as expected, without the cursor jumping to the end of the field. I keep updating HAMRS and hoping this will be fixed but it isn’t, and every time I’m disappointed.

I would really like to use HAMRS for my portable activations, but until I can trust my logging software to correctly enter text into a text field (my primary use case for the software) I cannot use it.

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Ditto… windows version (1.0.5). Lots of tail end suffixes only in a CW pileup. Painful to add/fix a prefix while sending as the cursor moves to the end each time. I know this is on the list to fix and there has been many topics on this, but… pretty please? Appreciate the program and other enhancements! Thanks!

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