Keying call sign - curser jumps

I have seen where I am typing in a call sign and the cursor jumps back to the start of the call sign or sometimes characters seem to vanish.

I have a first gen iPad Pro on the latest version of IOS and HamRS.

I thought it was just me for the first dozen times it happened but I’ve decided that perhaps it is more to do with the notifications and lookups of call signs with bad or degraded signals.

This bug has been reported several times in the past and I’m pretty sure @jarrett has it on his list to fix. (He experienced the same problems during an activation.)

Most often, for me, I hear a call sign suffix and type it in – then return to the beginning of the field to enter the remainder once the hunter repeats the call. The cursor jumps to the end and messes up the call sign if I’m not fast enough on the keyboard. :frowning:

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I’ve noticed that the cursor jumps occasionally when I am keying–transmitting CW. Not all the time, but often. I’ve put it down as the RF messing with my bluetooth keyboard.

Could that be happening with your PC also?

Here’s how it looks (no transmission happening at the time):

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