Large log files causes slow down and missed calls

I had a log file over 500 QSOs. Last two days the cursor would lock up, delete calls and move the cursor within the callsign entry. Today I started fresh. I am up to 65 QSOs. Has not locked up once. So from this point on, with multiple day activations I will be splitting my logs.

I agree. I understand there’s a export issue with larger files to the point that many users are creating second, and third, logs to keep them smaller, the merge them all into a single adif for submission. Wd4t

I really hope that doesn’t happen. I am pretty sure I have my Kilo with this park. 515 in one logbook, 136 in another. When that one started bogging down, I quickly created a third one (while logging QSOs) and had 115 in it. So all those will be merged together with FT8 tomorrow and checked. I wonder if lookup callsigns and notifications (I assume that is dupes) is turned off would that help? Just wait till you get home and do the callsign lookups all at once. I know you need the dupe check. Just wonder if that could be implemented so as to do later. Maybe help with the slow down?