Loading HAMRS on MacBook Air

Hi, I have a MacBook Air running OS 11.6 when I download HAMRS it then won’t open the program and says Apple can’t check it for malicious software and to contact the developer.
If I go into setup security I can override this, but I have to do this every time. Also I wanted to download the HAMRS program from the Apple App Store, but when I do a search for the program it comes back with not found.

Regards, Steve 2E0WYL (UK).

Does this help?

Hi, yes I had the same message.
Steve, 2E0WYL

I’m not a Mac guy, but did the proposed solution work for you? Visit that thread for more info/discussion.

Hi Max, you can bypass the security check, but when you shut down the MacBook and then turn it back on again the HAMRS App has gone of the desktop, i think it needs a quick fix from the developer to allow the software to be seen and loaded from the App Store.
Steve, 2E0WYL.