Log or ADI Files On Device

Enough of a variation, I thought this needed a new topic.
The new POTA self uploader requires the user to log into his account on the web page and drag and drop the adi file into the upload box. I have heard from a couple activators now who only have tablets, no computers. The tablet app only has an option to email the adi file. Now, people need to save the adi file to their local device so they can use the self uploader to submit their log.

Can we get this option in the mobile app? I can do it on my computer, but on my tablet I only seem to have an email option. I tried emailing it to myself and downloading it to my tablet from my email, but my silly tablet (Amazon Fire) does not know what an adi file is, so it will not allow the download. We need the export option to allow local file storage.

Michael WA7SKG

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Easy, peasy. Email to self. Copy to PC. I use ADIF Master to do final check on ADI before uploading.

That works if you are using a PC, but I see the value of being able to upload the file from your portable device. I’ve been doing that from my iPad. It’s curious that the Fire doesn’t support it.

Have those with other Android-based devices run into this, too?

I agree with you. There is no rush to submit a log. Get home, use a computer, double check it, upload. The majority of logs that need admin help to fix are from “speed loaders”, per Jason.

I agree 95%. The problem exisits for those few people who do not have a computer. I understand the position. There are those of us who have limited means for whatever reason. I have run into this in other ham related situations, where the answer has been “Quit using 30 year old equipment, be a man, and go out and spend $500 and buy today’s technology.” Unfortunately, that is not always an option. There are those who may only have a tablet that gives them a very basic capability. And that was probably provided by a friend or family member. Just like there are hams whose only radios were something old that was gifted to them. They should be entitled to enjoy the hobby as much as the rest of us.
I know porting an application between platforms can be a daunting task. Looking at HAMRS on an iPad, I see that is has the option to save the adi file in a local folder. I know the Fire tablet has local folders you can save files to. So, hopefully, an enhancement can be written to allow the Fire tablet to save to a local folder in a similar manner as the iPad.

Michael WA7SKG

I’d like to see this option as well, for a slightly different reason. If I’m going to log QSOs as I go, it’d be great to occasionally do an export to the microSD card, just in case something awful were to happen (device runs out of power, something spilled on tablet, I dunno…). I’m just the kind of guy who would feel better about logging electronically in the field if I know that I can occasionally download the ADI file to external media. I follow Thomas (K4SWL) on YouTube and know that he’s a big proponent of using HAMRS. But even he said recently that he feels sort of nervous about relying on electronics for logging. Would it be hard to allow export to microSD, for situations in which there is no access to internet?