Logging SOTA and POTA at the same time

I frequently activate summits that are located in a park so I would like to log all the QSOs once and then generate a file to submit to SOTA and another for POTA. We would have to be able to log both summit to summit and park to park contacts and then have them show up in the proper files. It is possible that a QSO could be both a park to park and a summit to summit though I haven’t ever logged one of these.

Just throwing out an idea… what if there was a combined POTA+SOTA template that showed fields for “My Summit” and “Their Summit” in addition to “My Park” and “Their Park”?

Summits and parks are written to different fields in the ADI File, so in theory this could work. The park references are logged in MY_SIG_INFO and SIG_INFO, whereas the summits are logged into SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF.

The POTA template should, I suspect, be easily modifiable to add two fields to the screen and export those appropriately.

Would the SOTA uploader accept an ADI file that has extra fields (e.g. the SIG_INFO, MY_SIG, and MY_SIG_INFO)?

An alternative way to style the user interface would be to build a single template that could be used for both, and place checkboxes at the top of the log screen to select POTA, SOTA, or both. Then the template would show or hide the appropriate fields on the screen as desired.

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That all sounds like exactly what I am looking for. I would be happy to help with testing etc. if this can happen. Thanks for the response.

That would solve my frequent problem of having to double-log an activation.

I think I can work on a combined template pretty easily, especially since SOTA makes uses of specific ADIF fields. I think at first, it would a modified POTA template with extra fields, as I don’t have SOTA spots implemented yet.


This would help me, at least on some occasions!

Good idea ! I also need that … Tnx !

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