Minor bugs/improvements

Excellent app! I purchased it because I am having difficulties uploading my QRZ logs to POTA in a form useable by them. I am often without internet or cell service and use paper logs, later entering them when home.

A few usability suggestions below: (using new Android tablet)

  1. When clicking on frequency, allow a highlight similar to the signal report where one can directly enter the frequency without having to backspace then enter the new frequency.
  2. As above, do the same for the time. I do enjoy the fact that you have auto included the colon in the time. Why can’t everyone else do that?
  3. I am re-entering logs from 2017 and found some issues with that process. Under the date field, the popup calendar works great however, when I hit clear, the date field clears but the keyboard will not pop up to enter an older date. To log the 2017 contacts, I have to tap the calendar back arrow 48 times then select the date. This process must be repeated for each and every log.
  4. This may have been mentioned prior, contact auto fill when returning to wifi would be very helpful.

Thank you for the continued product support. It was a factor in my purchase.

73 de K2LED/p

There definitely needs to be a way to retain the date and time when entering historical logs from paper (either recent or even years old). Fat-fingering the time and selecting the date every time can get tedious.

You’re clicking the month arrow 48 times to enter the date from 2017? Can’t you just select the month/year and use the spinners to pick the year and month? Perhaps the Android implementation is different than on the iPad…

For filling in all of your contact info, are you unable to use the “Lookup All” menu option?


Thank you for your reply. On the android app, there is no wheel option for the calendar. Yes, with each log I have to click 48 times.

I have tried your suggestion several times with both lookup and lookup all. The contact circle spins briefly but the log is not updated. When I enter in real time, fields are auto populated. EDIT… It works!!! but takes a long time, perhaps due to slower tethering speeds.

Based on the release notes for v. 0.11.2, the “Lookup All” might work better under the newest release. @Jarrett may have some input on this.

Sorry to hear the date entry isn’t as convenient on Android as in iOS and iPad OS.

@Jarrett, you may already have this on your future features list from prior discussions, but please consider allowing “sticky” dates and times for paper/historical log entry.

Sticky fields for those who enter QSOs after the fact is definitely in the backlog and prioritized.