Missing logs are they retrievable?

Just got home from an activation. hamrs windows 10 …vers 0.11.3 of app. I open the app and it shows 0 (zero) for the log! Any suggestions? Is there some sort of db file I can restore the missing log data ? Is there anything I can do? This is obviously most troublesome. Guess I will go back to paper and pen. This is really bad! Any help or suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks Ken ka1zt

Well after giving it more thought I will continue to use Hamrs in the field but I will periodically export to an adi file and hope there is a fix for this bug or at least I never see it again. Just was very frustrating to spend hours in the field and not be able to upload contacts or recover data from this program bug Pota. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Also should there not be some form of database recovery mode available to the user? 73… Ken ka1zt

Did you do a full restart of your system to see if there are there? What OS are you using?

Good luck. Wish I’d read your post before tying to use HAMRS. My situation was same as yours, but I didn’t export, so log was lost.

I had this happen on my windows 10 laptop, closed the program and reopened and the logs were there.