Missing logs/dropped entries

I just downloaded a 8 logs to my computer and mailed them in or I would be a bit upset because they have vanished! This is on WINDOWS. I have recently suspected that the program is losing some contacts and creating duplicates of others. I am very honestly not happy. I have not had this problem with my kindle app or the app I purchased for my android phone. Am I the only one? If so what am I doing wrong?

I had the same issue last weekend. I had 333 in a log and when I opened the app on my iPad again I only had 183. Fortunately I had been exporting regularly as a backup so I did not lose any data. I don’t think I can trust the application until this issue has been addressed.

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Worked 95 on the late shift last night from 0000 until 0104. Woke up this morning and my log is down to 78. All my QSO’s from 0041 until 0104 are gone. What is going on ?

Brian N2BTD

I have seen multiple threads about contacts being lost and I cannot recall if there has been any reply about a fix for this issue. Is a fix in the works?


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I lost 15 whole logs not individual qsos. Love the log in the field but I am losing trust in its reliability.

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I have done 19 activations using Hamrs on a Fire tablet and have not lost any logs. (knock on wood)
Charlie - K0LAF

I was running all day in the park and had 442 log entries. I was really excited about all the work I got in. When I exported the file I only had 101 an the log had deleted all the contact except the past hour. I lost 5 hours of work in the park. I am waiting to talk to developer to see if there is any option to recover these log entries.

I don’t feel at this point this software is ready for what we as Operators are doing in the field. I have had several logger over the years and never lost a single contact. This is not acceptable. I think I am just starting to get upset with this issue. After I am not still tired from all the work I did in the field, I will did into this a bit more. I have reached out to the developers and I hope they respond in kind.

If your value your logs in the field, you may want to find a better option at this point…


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Jeffery, that really stinks. So sorry you lost all of those contacts. I am taking screen shots throughout my activations now just in case something like this happens to me.

So far I’ve successfully logged 49 activations on my iPad without any problems at all. Sure wish the reasons for data loss were obvious; that would make it a lot simpler for @Jarrett to address.

Does @Jarrett respond to any of these posts about lost logs or contacts? I lost an entire activation last night

He has responded a couple of times, usually to suggest closing the app and rebooting. Some logs come back on their own when you do that. If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl.

You might also try reaching him here via PM.

Lost two logs. Seeking an answer on recoverability. Crickets.

I really want to like this app but I too started losing contacts. Seems after you get 100 or so (iPad anyway) and if you edit entries. The app is well thought out and generally works great but ust can’t trust this app currently. Maybe it has a memory leak as rebooting does seem to help, or possibly the app isn’t being allocated enough memory. Hope they fix it.

Some are suggesting splitting logs during activations and merging then during post processing. Ugg! Too much maintenance and this should not be necessary, not to mention you basically losing dupe checking. If this is not fixable I’d just like to know.p so I can find a reliable alternative. Thanks.

Same happened to me. Except I wasn’t smart enough to export. Lost 84 contacts. Have same lack of trust until app fixed.

I lost 84 contacts after renaming. I can’t trust it. Used RUMlogNG on iPad to recreate from recordings on radio, but was unfortunately unable to recreate a couple P2P where call sign and park number weren’t said by either of us because I used his info from pota.app and neither of us said in on the air. That’a the app I’m going to try unless Jarrett can help me recover my lost contacts and figure out why HAMRS is failing on the iPad right now.

This is very similar to what happened to me. Lost previous 30 minutes of entries only on iPad. Help!

Had the same thing happen to me today on iPad. Last Sunday I had over 400 entries log. On Monday they were there, and I did some cleanup of the logs. Today I open it up to export it to adif and it now only shows 179. I’m so bummed , but I did learn that I need to probably just export it immediately and edit it outside of HAMRS app.

Until the lost data bug gets fixed, hopefully in the next release due to retooling the underlying database, as a user I always export immediately after activating. I also take screen shots of my log every 15 QSOs or so just to ensure I have a list to reference in case the log disappears on me.

With over 50 activations logged on my iPad, I’ve never lost a log or QSO. But I’m not going to take that chance.

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