Missing logs/dropped entries

I just downloaded a 8 logs to my computer and mailed them in or I would be a bit upset because they have vanished! This is on WINDOWS. I have recently suspected that the program is losing some contacts and creating duplicates of others. I am very honestly not happy. I have not had this problem with my kindle app or the app I purchased for my android phone. Am I the only one? If so what am I doing wrong?

I had the same issue last weekend. I had 333 in a log and when I opened the app on my iPad again I only had 183. Fortunately I had been exporting regularly as a backup so I did not lose any data. I don’t think I can trust the application until this issue has been addressed.

Worked 95 on the late shift last night from 0000 until 0104. Woke up this morning and my log is down to 78. All my QSO’s from 0041 until 0104 are gone. What is going on ?

Brian N2BTD

I have seen multiple threads about contacts being lost and I cannot recall if there has been any reply about a fix for this issue. Is a fix in the works?