Multi State Question

I have a question about a park with 2 states, particularly K-0661. On the map of entities it has a Florida designation and grid number. However, there is also a park on the MS gulf coast that falls under the same park number(they are both part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore). I’ver never activated the Florida park, just the one in MS. When I enter the park number in HAMRS, it automatically enters the Florida information. After entering all of QSOs, I have to go back and edit each QSO so that the MS information is entered. If I don’t do that, my contacts would be given a Florida QSO when in fact it was a Mississippi QSO.
Am I doing something wrong when entering the QSO info or is there an easier way for me to get the correct info into the HAMRS app?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the state of your park within the app for the entire log.

You could edit the first saved QSO to correct it, but unfortunately that change doesn’t propagate forward to subsequent QSOs.

I also discovered that for multi-state parks, the state is logged in the wrong format (e.g. FL,US instead of FL).

I’m tagging this as a bug for @jarrett to track.

Email the log to yourself, not directly to POTA. On your computer, edit the log with a text editor like Notepad. Use find&replace (ctrl-h) to globally change the entry.
However, it really does not make a difference, as currently, POTA does not look at the MY_STATE entry when processing logs. Simply tell your Area Coordinator in the body of your email what state you were in. He will select the proper state when the logs are processed.

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