New Entities Grid Square

I’ve recently activated some newly designated entities in PA – State Game Lands. These new entities do not seem to be updating HAMRS grid squares, though more established entities do. Even when I do manually enter the “My grid square” field, the base location remains Jarrett’s. For example, park K-1391 does populate, but K-8755, K-8855, and K-8837 do not.

Thank you for any assistance in correcting or helping me understand what may be the matter.

Steve / KB9CNN

The internal park list has been updated off of the CSV that POTA provides, and will be coming out shortly in the 0.11.4 maintenance release

Thanks, Jarrett.

Has anyone reported that foreign stations also are not populating grids? I am not sure if this is a new thing or not.

I appreciate all you do…as do a myriad of others!!


@KB9CNN Steve, for non-U.S. entities, I think it depends upon the look-up service you’ve selected., for instance says that:

“Currently Australia, Canada, and the United States call information is updated daily while Germany and the Czech Republic is updated on a monthly basis.” Call sign and QTH information isn’t included for any other country.

Not sure about HamQTH. probably has the widest reach, but requires a subscription for all grid square data.

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