No internet connection question

When operation my iPad in the field without internet how do you get the call signs verified and the state filled In after you get back home with internet service?

I tried editing the call sign after I got service the tabbing out of the call sign filed but that didn’t work.

So what is the best way to update/verify the information once I get home?

A button or menu option to verify or flag errors would be a nice feature.


I’m working on two solutions to this:

  1. Offline FCC database
  2. A button to lookup call signs en masse when you get back to somewhere you have Internet

The second option will come sooner than the first as I want don’t want users to have to download a 200mb file filled with the fcc database like other software does. I want it to be smarter than that so I’m building a separate sync sync to pull updates from.



Either option will work. Most phones and iPads wouldn’t have the room to store the database I like the button to check when I get home.

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One way I do it is using HAMRS for POTA field logging, then export the file to myself in an email. I save the export to my desktop. I use Ham Radio Deluxe for my station, and have created another database i call, New Pota. I then import the exported file saved to my desktop into the New Pota data base. Here’s the greatest feature to using HRD, the Bulk Lookup to QRZ feature. Simply highlight all the calls in the New Pota database, right click a perform the Bulk Lookup. After that completes, leave the highlighted record as is, and do a LoTW upload. With those records still highlighted after upload, then right click, cut. Then open the default Lag book, right click, paste. There you have it, all those records now have the QRZ info, and all have been uploaded into LoTW. WD4T

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I do something similar with Log4OM. But it introduces some extra steps in my workflow. Having the ability to update QSOs with a press of a button would be helpful.

Jarrett, please be careful though… if I’ve manually entered the contact’s state or grid square, I wouldn’t want it to be overwritten after the activation if it differs from the contact’s home QTH.

I’m interested in this as well. I completed my first activation using HAMRS yesterday in a part of a park with barely any cell coverage. This was also my first time logging on my Fire 10 tablet.

I found the toggle to turn extended view so I could type in states, but when I tried later to edit previous contacts on the app, I did not see their state in the Edit list. I ended up exporting the adif and adding the states by editing the file with ADIF Master.

Is there another way to go back and manually add the contact state info in the app? Also a button for a mass pull of info when I’m back home on Wifi would be great!

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@Jarrett , I think the Canada DB can also be downloaded as a TXT file. I think that would be also useful been so close to Canada and been Canada part of the POTA program. Check this out:

I dont think that the ideal solution would be to store ALL databases of the POTA participant countries locally (that would be a storage nightmare for tablets), but considering the close proximity between US and Canada, I think it would be worth it. Or if more needs to be added, maybe a way to select which DB you want to download?? Just a thought…


There are times we do log while offline. I would love it if the QSO map could also update or be created once I get home currently I have found the only way to do it is to delete the offline-created entry and recreate it when online. That would be laborious after a busy activation.

Maybe this functionality is already built in and I am missing it. I would be glad to have it get pointed out to me. :blush:

Not a complete and total fix I know, but after activation, I save the log file, then when I do have WiFi, I email the export to myself. The open the log file using ADif master. If anything appears wrong, the I fix it. Once the log file is ready for submission, I email it to my coordinator. However, as I like to keep my personal log up to date, I also import it to my personal log. As for submitting to LoTW, eQSL, or QRZ, I do a batch qrz lookup of all my imported contacts, to assure I have there states and grids correctly logged, the I upload to those entities. All in all, the process takes less then 4 or 5 minutes to finish. 73 WD4T

Any new info on this off-line look up? Me personally, I dont have a problem downloading a call sign data base every few months like I do with my other logging software.

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I need to find a DB to download first. I can get the FCC callsign database, parse it, normalize it, and make it available - but that’s only US calls.


Sounds good. About 98% of contacts are US. Thanks for the reply


That would be a great. There are two spots I go to where internet is a challenge.

I love both these options, especially the offline database. I only have two parks that I go to regularly that have WiFi so any help would be greatly appreciated. DX contacts I can deal with after I get home. Than you!!