Not starting on Raspbian

Im running Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

I downloaded hamrs-1.0.6-linux-armv7l.AppImage
Changed Properties >Permissions > Execution > Anyone
When i double click the file Im asked “Do you want to execute it?” and I clicked Execute

Nothing happens

Brian K7BLS

here is a screen shot of the terminal window when I ran into the same problem. Waiting for assistance too.
Jon - KE5PCE

Did you guys get the 64-bit build of Raspbian? If so, HAMRS will not work on that without some additional work, since it’s built against the 32-bit version of Raspbian. If you look at previous posts in the community, Jarrett put up a beta version of 1.0.2 built for Arm64. Also, KM4ACK’s Build-a-Pi scripts can actually install the 32bit HAMRS on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS.

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